About Alexis Waterson

Owner & Trainer

Alexis Waterson is the owner and trainer of Clockwork Equestrian. She majored in Equestrian Science and minored in Equestrian Administration and Spanish at William Woods University from 2018 to 2019. Unfortunately, due to funding, she was unable to finish her degree there. 

She was apart of the schools judging team and went to Arabian US Nationals Judging Competition in 2018. She also has worked for multiple Arabian trainers at horse shows, including at Arabian US Nationals in 2019. She enjoys learning and is always trying to improve herself and her riding, because nobody is perfect.

Alexis is a CEMT (Certified Equine Massage Therapist) and is currently also working on becoming certified in Emmet touch therapy, Kinesiology taping, Raindrop therapy, and Thermal imaging!  

Alexis also enjoys graphic design! She makes all of her own flyers, edits all of her own social media posts, takes and edits all of her own pictures, and designed her own website. Outside of managing all the aspects of Clockwork and working her full time job at a factory, she also volunteers her time announcing and assisting at local shows!

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